The Ride

Born in Britain and unleashed on the world, KMX offers a new and exhilarating riding experience. High-performance designs meet maneuverability and comfort in this totally redesigned ride.

Trike Stability

Trike design gives you the most intense riding experience. You can take sharp turns without leaning and literally feel the lateral G-forces pulling at you. And with three-point ground support, there’s no need to take your feet off the pedals even while stopped so you’re ready to move all the time.

Geared low, trikes are perfect mountain climbing machines that don’t lose stability, even while heavily loaded and at slow speeds.

Recumbent Design

The recumbent approach offers unparalleled comfort that makes them perfect for long rides and touring. Plus, the riding position gives you a more aerodynamic profile for greater speed with less effort. On traditional upright bikes, your pedal force is limited to body weight and strength of pull against the handlebars. With recumbents pedaling force is maximized since you can push against the seat back for full leg-power.

With recumbents you’ll find you see more of the world around you - not just the ground - with a more comfortable viewing angle to enjoy the scenery flying by.

The low center-of-gravity, low ground clearance and feet-first positioning also reduce the risk of serious injury. Since there aren’t any handlebars to fly over there’s also less chance of a head injury.


KMX Karts takes the inherent performance benefits of recumbent trike design to new levels of adrenaline-pumping cycling, with a refined style to satisfy any kind of rider. So ride different.

KMX is fast growing around the world as the way to enjoy cycling, or karting as we call it. Designed by a team of adventurous aerospace engineers, KMX provides a precise and more ergonomic way to ride. A low center of gravity, rear wheel stability, precision mechanics and comfortable cockpit combine to deliver a totally new feel and experience in riding. From the long touring ride to sprints or spins, KMX gives you total control and speed when you want it.

Performance Series - Cobra, Venom, Viper
Our new line-up of performance-hungry karts will move you like never before. Our three new KMX Performance Series models offer a balance of performance and price, with serious improvements over our previous editions. New frame designs to fit both men and women riders with reengineered angles to increase ground clearance while keeping a low center-of-gravity and three-point stability for a superior riding experience. And precision components from Sram and Avid deliver unmatched cycling and braking performance. You’ll ride in true comfort with their hardshell seats that are intercooled for a breathability. Sit back and roll on with KMX custom made hubs and hand built wheels.